Forms in Context:

Hybrid Exhibit Environments

Create a temporary interactive exhibition featuring an artist or issue currently on exhibit at one of the three museums:

        Carnegie Museum of Art (or Natural History)

        Mattress Factory

        Children’s Museum

Starting the Process

Started by taking measurements of the Miller Gallery.

1st Moodboard Design

I chose to do the Anthropocene issue that relates to animal endangerment crisis. I wanted to use some bright colors as my color scheme to convey that if people take action there can be a bright future.



storyboard 1
storyboard 2

Designed the overall exhibition experience.

Designing 1st Prototype

After discussed the pros and cons of my storyboard, I chose to change the theme of my exhibition to Anthropocene with focus on plastic waste and their impact. Since my storyboard showed too much installizations which the space the actual gallery has may not be big enough, I cut down much of the designs and started to design my 1st model.

Rough Physical Model

Making sense of the design by creating a physical model. Finding places to be improved on and make iterations.

overview of the layout
the entrance design
1st interaction
call for action

Little Bits
Interaction Project

A Shy Cart

Using Little Bits to accomplish some interactive functionality. Here I decided to use the pressure sensor and wheels to make interaction. As the pressure sensor senses pressure, the cart goes away from you. If you stop putting pressure on the sensor, the cart stops moving.

Designing 2nd Prototype

To make people know that the route of the exhibition is clockwise, after discussed with professors, I started to put walls into the exhibition and redesigned some parts of the exhibition.

rearranging the wall
adding wall space and designing the experience
designing the content
physical model

Designing Final Model

After another round of critiques, Here is the final design of the space.

Final Moodboard


Digital Model

To make a quick understanding of the actual space, I used SketchUp to quickly constructed the 3D model of the exhibition.

Designing Wall Space

Settled with the layout of the exhibition, I then started to design the content on the wall space.



visualization 1 final.png

visualization 1 final.png

visualization 2 final.png

visualization 2 final.png

visualization 3 final.png

visualization 3 final.png

Final Physical Model

parti diagram
parti diagram