Redesigning Security Camera

A security camera that is more inviting than violating. 


Redesigning the physical appearrance of security cameras at local museums to invite visitors' interaction with the interactive elements in the mueseum and the camera. 


- Secondary Research

- Product Sketching

- SolidWorks Modeling

- Rendering



Junior Summer - 2021

Project Length: 

8 weeks


Xinhua Zhiyun Technology Co., Ltd.

UI/UX & product designer

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In the summer of 2021 when I was back in China, I did an product design internship at Xinhua Zhiyun Technology. We were giving the task to redesign the exisiting security cameras at local interactive museums to encourage visitors' behavior in interacting with the camera & the interactive elements in the museum in order to produce a vlog of their experience that will be given to the visitor as a souvenir when they leave the museum. 



Final Direction & Design for Assembly

Final Rendering & Branding