Booktable [Process]

A booktable designed for one specific book. 



Since this booktable is designed for one specific book, I thought that the booktable must be complementing the form of the book and showing the characteristics of this book.


The Solitude of Ravens by Masahisa Fukase is the book I chose. It is a photography book with square sides and a khaki removable cover. 

Since this book is a square-shaped book with a book cover, I wanted to take advantage of these characteristics. 

  • If I want to present the book and make it easy to access, I need a space on the booktable to store the book cover, since it is also delicately designed and I want the cover to get appreciated. 

  • The square shape can be easily turned 45 degrees and be interpreted as a star shape. I then wanted to have the booktable perfectly support the book and have the book turned 45 degrees. 


Rapid Prototyping


This is the idea that formed into the final idea. Shape-wise is interesting but is not a very stable structure as one of the XYZ planes is missing support. 

Final Design

The final design kept the overall idea of the last design. I made the boards intertwined with each other to make sure it is hard to imagine that this structure is only made by using four wood boards.


The difference from the last design is that I have changed one of the wood boards to support the structure. While I wanted to make a complicated booktable design, at the same time I made the book presentive, instead of hiding underneath some of the board structure, to make the book the center of attention. 

The book cover, on the other hand, can fit into the slot that I created using two of the boards. Since people don't need to have constant access to the book cover other than read the name of the book, the book cover is less accessible compared to the book. 

Technical Drawing

book stand technical drawing2.png

Assembly Sketch & Animation

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