GeoForm - Booktable

A booktable designed for one specific book. 


To design and fabricate a unique booktable for one particular book with design & fabrication parameters.


- research

- ideation & sketching

- rapid prototyping

- technical drawing

- 3D modeling

- rendering

- assembly animation

- fabrication (undone because of COVID-19)


Sophomore fall - 2020

Project Length: 

7 weeks

Design Restrictions: 

- All pieces are cut from a poplar wood lumber that is has a dimension of 60'x12'x1'. 

- Must be a rectilinear form that has four wooden planar components. 

- No pierced cuts. 


Since this booktable is designed for one specific book, I thought that the booktable must be complementing to the form of the book and showing the characteristics of this book.


The Solitude of Ravens by Masahisa Fukase is the book I chose. It is a photography book with square sides and a khaki removeable cover. 

Since this book is a square-shaped book with a book cover, I wanted to take advantage of these characteristics. 

Rapid Prototyping

The idea that forms into the final idea. Here is the initial stage of the idea, which shape wise is interesting but is not a very stable structure as one of the XYZ planes is missing support structure. 

Final Design

1:1 ratio foamboard prototyping

digital model

Technical Drawing

Assembly Sketch & Animation

the manufacturing process


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