Pixel Art Painter

A canvas to generate Pixel art and animation. 


To code a program using Python and what we have learned from the course 15112. 


- Design the interface

- Code


Freshman summer - 2019

Group or Individual: 


Project Length: 

2 weeks

After completing the introduction to programming class, also known as 15112, this is a painter program I made using Python within a week. It is a pixel art painter and animator, which people can click and drag their mouse on the pixel board to generate their art. 

The logic behind this small application is to create a canvas that is made of tiny squares.

  • By clicking on the squares, the square underneath the click and drag is assigned the color the cursor had currently chosen.

  • By using a different color and clicking on the already painted squared, the last color would be wiped and the new color is assigned.

  • At last, after completing one of the frames, the save button would save the information on the current canvas, and then turn the current frame into the base canvas while making sure the color is faded to differentiate from the painting of the new frame.

  • When the animation plays, the stored information of each frame would present on the canvas and play at the assigned frame per second. 

  • drag mouse on the canvas to paint, and use the eraser function to erase

  • add frame function makes the previous frame half-transparent and adds the frame count

  • color function enable color picking from the palette

  • Drag on top of the already painted blocks with a different color would change the color assigned to the square

  • click the play button to play the animation sequence

  • colors can be stored and accessed from the color palette on the left side

  • the copy frame function generates a new frame that copies the content from last frame and is editable which speeds up the content creation

  • run the animation to get a nice walk cycle

UI/UX & product designer

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