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Context Rendering

kiosk/shared device interface

mobile device & projector interface

A grocery shop & delivery system specifically designed to serve elders living in the same neighborhood to help them stay connected to the community.


To design a tech-involved system that makes it easier for elders in China to grocery shopping. 


- secondary research & analysis

- primary research [semi-structured interview]

- ideation

- storyboarding

- refining concept

- 3D modeling

- rendering

- interface design & interaction

- branding

- scenario video


Junior spring - 2021

Group or Individual: 


Project Length: 

7 weeks

Class Delivery Mode:


Gather, a grocery shop and delivery system specifically designed to serve elders and other residents living in the same neighborhoods. Instead of the usual online shopping experiences that random orders are made at random times of the day, have random people deliver to random addresses, we are collecting orders made from the same residential area everyday before a set deadline (say 10 pm everyday), then sending all these orders to the market to get prepared together, while designating one specific delivery person deliverying for the same several residences.

Usual Online Grocery Shopping Experience

GATHER Grocery Shopping Experience

6.5 min User Case Senario

Logo Design

Physical Station in Apartments Design

Digital Interfaces Design