Engage Pittsburgh Mobile

A mobile app that connects the City of Pittsburgh Planning Department to the public to improve community participation. 


To create a mobile app that improves the usability of the current information on the City of Pittsburgh Planning Department's website. 


- Secondary Research

- Stakeholder Map

- Voice & Tone Analysis

- Current State Analysis

- Parallel Prototyping

- Wireframing

- Prototyping

    - Low-Fidelity

    - Mid-Fidelity

    - High-Fidelity


Junior Spring - 2021

Project Length: 

4 weeks

Team Members: 

Cara Chen

Janice Lyu

Kristel Yu

Meo Zhang

Yufei Wang

My Role on the team:

- Secondary info researcher 

- Stakeholder map generation

- Prototype map & list view frame  

- Animating the prototype interaction

- Given critique on UI/UX design

The Research

Domain Research I did

Group Research Analysis

UI/UX & product designer

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Stakeholder Mapping  [I partially worked on]

Location-based Project Display [I worked on]

One of our key features is the map view that uses a mobile phone’s native GPS function to allow the user to easily identify projects based on where they are located. 

The Product

Voice & Tone [I partially worked on]

Interface Overview

Digestible Design Information

Making the information easy to access is an important goal of our design. In the “Design Overview” page, information is sorted into different parts to show the basic description, location, timeline, feedback other people have given, and city staff who are responsible for the project.


We know that we cannot include all information in this app, so to keep the page neat and clean, we decided to put an external link which will lead users to the project’s website.


Additionally, based on feedback we received during in-class critique sessions, we added a “latest news” section to provide more updates and information about the project to residents.

Direct Comment Channel

Providing a direct comment channel for users was another essential feature of our app to improve community participation.


Mid-Fidelity Prototype

Interaction Between Hi-Fi Frames [I worked on]

Final Hi-Fi Prototype

Frames I worked on for Mid-Fi

Frames I worked on for Hi-Fi

UI Variations for Icons on the map [I worked on]