The Watcher

The Watcher is a game in development by 3 college students (Zhengzhi Jiang, Yufei Wang/me, and Yixuan Wu). Each one of us took on different parts of this project - Jiang as the plot writer, Yixuan Wu as the 3D modeling artist and coder, and I am the character & environment designer. 


Since Wu had the skills to 3D model objects in Zbrush & Maya, we wanted to take advantage of that and create a 3D game. We listed out the type of games that we all like and the type of games that we all hate, and finally decided on an RPG game that requires the players to solve puzzles and reveal the stories step by step by exploring the environment in the game.


Initial Character


Since there are only 3 of us that are developing this game, we decided to make a low-poly game to speed up our future process. With the storyline in mind, I drew out some initial main character designs.


Further Development

With the approval of my initial design, I tried to further design this character and other characters with the same art style.

Final Character Design


Initial Environment Design

As we discussed the different environments that will appear in the game, I sketched out some of the environments that I envisioned will fit into the game.